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Sober Living Homes and Halfway Houses in South Africa

Sober living homes enable you to recover in a safe place once you've finished treatment at an inpatient rehab centre.

Lack of a consistent, safe, stable and drug free living environment can be a real obstacle to sustained recovery. Living in a destructive environment can throw even the most motivated individuals off course. Sober homes provide a healthy transition after leaving inpatient treatment. The structure in sober homes allows individuals to develop a sense of responsibility by complying with house rules, participating in house chores, going to meetings and paying rent or other fees.

Many recovery addicts who are attempting to abstain from drugs and alcohol do not have access to adequate housing that supports long-term recovery. Studies have found that sober homes can be a viable option for people in need of drug and alcohol free housing. Recovery Direct is not a sober home in itself but there are many available to meet your unique needs. Sober homes help individuals prioritise their recovery and prevent them from making dangerous, risky and unhealthy decisions. They develop life skills and learn accountability for their actions and behaviour.


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Individual counselling for drug addictions has proven to be one of the most effective ways to combat addictions and for clients to sustain their lasting sobriety and meaningful personal growth. Many people think that substances are the core of the addiction problem. However, substances are very often a temporary solution or coping mechanism used by the person to cope with deeper issues that exist in their emotional wellbeing. These emotional layers form over time and may need to be addressed through more focused talk therapy or addiction counselling.