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Cocaine, Crack, Cocaine Addiction and Recovery Information in South Africa

Cocaine is a type of drug that functions to increase the availability of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain.

Cocaine, popularly known as crack, coke, snow, blow and rock is a derivative of the South American Coco Plant. Methods of use include smoking, injecting, snorting, or swallowing. Depending on how you take it, the intensity and duration of the drug’s effect differs. Desired effects include increased alertness and pleasure. Short-term side effects include paranoia, constriction of blood vessels leading to heart complications or stroke, irregular heartbeat, and death. Withdrawal is often accompanied by severe depression and lethargy or fatigue. Both short- and long-term use of cocaine has been linked to damage to several organs including the lungs, heart, brain and kidneys.

For more information on getting help with cocaine addiction in Cape Town contact our national helpline for cocaine addiction.

It is typically sold as a hydrochloride salt, which can be dissolved in water and taken intravenously, eaten, snorted, or rubbed onto the gums, rectum, or vagina.

Cocaine affects the central nervous system and interferes with the brain's chemical processing, leading to heightened alertness and intense feelings of euphoria. Its effects are nearly instantaneous and can fade within minutes or hours, depending on the method of ingestion.

Cocaine increases dopamine levels in the synapses, leading to feelings of euphoria and the desire to take the drug again. Cocaine use ranges from occasional to repeated use, with various patterns.

Cocaine has severe adverse effects on the heart, brain, and emotions, which become apparent shortly after the high. Even occasional cocaine users are at risk of serious neurological damage and sudden death.

Cocaine use is associated with numerous medical complications, including heart attacks, respiratory failure, strokes, seizures, headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, weight loss, and malnourishment.

At Drug Rehab Cape Town and Drug Rehab Johannesburg South Africa, we offer various effective methods and techniques to treat drug addiction, including cocaine addiction.

Through participation in Narcotics Anonymous (NA) programs, group therapies, yoga sessions, workshops, and tasks, our patients learn to confront their cocaine addiction/dependency and realize the positive changes they have made in their lives.

Our fully qualified and experienced staff performs a full medical assessment upon admission to accurately prescribe the appropriate form of treatment. We provide substance detoxification and rehab treatment when necessary.

Our holistic approach to cocaine addiction treatment helps patients address their issues rather than avoid them, and we provide the necessary skills to live a sober life.

Our journey to cocaine addiction recovery may be long and challenging, but it is worth it. Contact us for help today and make better choices for your life. Follow the link to learn more about our cocaine rehab addiction treatment.


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Individual counselling for drug addictions has proven to be one of the most effective ways to combat addictions and for clients to sustain their lasting sobriety and meaningful personal growth. Many people think that substances are the core of the addiction problem. However, substances are very often a temporary solution or coping mechanism used by the person to cope with deeper issues that exist in their emotional wellbeing. These emotional layers form over time and may need to be addressed through more focused talk therapy or addiction counselling.